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Danika Manso-Brown is an East Coast-based dancer, poet, educator, and performance artist. Her work is informed by the idea that art is a necessary tool for dismantling systemic oppression and forging collective liberation. Danika is co-founder of Spoken Verb, a collaborative arts performance group with the goal of centering historically marginalized voices & stories through multi-medium arts projects. She also acts as a host for live arts events as well as a moderator for discussions surrounding community reimagining. 


As the daughter of a fine artist and a musician, Danika's passion for developing her artistic crafts was supported early on. Her childhood dance training at Ballet Arts Studio, Ballet Hispanico, and NYSSSA led her to LaGuardia Performing Arts High School in Manhattan. Later on, she received her B.A. in Dance and Sociology from Duke University in North Carolina and returned to NY following graduation. Danika has performed in projects with afro-modern company Souloworks and is currently a member of The Dance Cartel. Danika received a Master of Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education and continues her work at the intersection of art, education, and activism. 

Danika Manso-Brown
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